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If you enjoy my writing, videos or website please help support the page by sharing a coffee with me.

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I offer an opportunity to work together, both to support your page or business and in turn support my work. The monthly fee is $25.00 – for this you get a feature article about you or your business to use on your social media or website, you get a monthly shout out with the swipe up option on the 12k Instagram page and you get a 24/7 personalized advert linking to you business or profile in the Advertiser/Sponsor page on the website.

Help publish articles and new videography and writing with mutually benefiting advertising.

I have put a great deal of time and energy into creating content without putting up a paywall. I believe in art being free where possible, like a public gallery or sculpture but in light of the pandemic and being about to launch a podcast and non-profit called light on light, (about charities and individuals that work to make a difference in the world) I have decided to seek supporters, people who want to get behind the page and the strange vision of what it is I’m trying to achieve.