Brighton — Without Words

To celebrate the launch of the Facebook page for Light-on-light I published this short Film of Brighton. Created in Spring 2021, this is a short tribute to the city of my birth. I’ve written a lot about life there, her character and free thinking culture, but for this film the images seemed to speak for themselves.

I hoped to make a recording of the post lockdown atmosphere of my home town. It was the end of a long winter, one which had seen England go through its second prolonged period of Covid quarantine and even the great British weather seemed to be a little out of sorts, being far colder than your average April or May.

Through those weeks the streets so well known for their vibrant nightlife and energetic eccentric characters, began to find their rhythm once again, adjusting back into some form of normalcy and I was able to capture a small portion of what makes Brighton and Hove such a big part of so many peoples life stories.



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