Poem By Madison Gonzalez. Baby Blue Eggshells. A Piece On Personal Growth.

This is a beautiful poem by Madison @toldpoetry ‘Baby Blue Eggshells.’ Read by me and filmed in Indiana. It’s a piece which I wanted to be the first spoken video using someone else’s work, as I’ve never done that before. Check out her bestselling book: Dear mirror, if you haven’t already.

The months spent in Indianapolis and the US across winter have been some of the best of my life. Thanks to certain people who know who they are.

Few others are aware of how hard we’ve had to work for that time and for what we have now.
It was and is an odyssey of counties, continents, plague, pestilence and Taco bell, not to mention time zone tight ropes, calling at 4am or being up till then to get time together when needs be.

You probably don’t need advice but for what it’s worth try and be happy, and do what it takes to be so, there’s no easy way. Have faith and some courage, it’s worth more than anything cause if it’s worth it, then it will be worth it.


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