Showcasing – Essential Elements Of A Smile.

Sample recording – Switch off and listen to one fifth of the publication.

1 – 100 of the book’s 500 Essential Elements Of a Smile.

Encouraging optimism about tomorrow, though the simple pleasures of today.

Lay back and listen to this mediative reading. Hopefully you will get a sense of the book and its vibe.

From the poetic, to the poignant, through to the sublime and the humorous, this book is a menagerie of reasons to feel good. Written in the year of masks, this is a small contribution to see us smiling again, five hundred essential elements of a smile. 

Unashamedly positive from start to finish, Essential Elements encourages optimism about tomorrow though the simple pleasures of today.

Open any page, on any day, and there will be any one of hundreds of reasons to smile.

Ten percent of all profits will be going to charity- The Soi Dog Foundation – An organisation dedicated to ending the Asian dog meat trade.

Check out the book here if you’re interested in getting a hard copy as an uplifting gift for someone else or yourself.

Alternately you can support the new book by sharing on your social media. It really is helpful. Thank you. Any questions you can email the author at


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