It Was Meant To Be Immense – Video Poem

It was meant to be immense – Spoken Word adaptation from the book. Page 112 of the ‘Sea sores – a Brightonian Book.’ Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Check out the link in Bio if you would like a copy.

Time is a recurring theme for me. As a boy I had a mirror on my bedroom wall, occasionally I would write in pencil on the wooded panelled back, a date, hour of the day to the minute, and a few words about life. Each entry was to my future self, ‘how is life in the future?’ I’d ask. Then months or even years came and went till I next replied, ‘Weather’s ok, long day at school, detention, looking forward to summer. Are you still in Elm Drive?” 

I still own the mirror, packed away in a storage unit in England. The last entry I made on it was this past year.

It’s reverse is a lifetime of conversation with myself and it’s where I meet the boy and the man to come. I’m fascinated by them, and maybe, them by me.

You can check out the book to purchase here.


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