New Book Out For Christmas.

Essential elements of a smile is an unrelentingly optimist publication. The idea behind it was to round off the year of pandemic and masks with a hundred pages of reasons to smile.

An extract of numbers 1-11 of a list of hundreds of poetic reasons to smile. I’ve had a few people read the book already and the feed-back is that it actually does invoke that feel.good vibe I was aiming for.

The Essential Elements of a Smile. 
500 reasons to feel good. 

Available now on link below:

After what for many has been a tough year. A little book to encourge optimism about tomorrow, though the simple pleasures of today.

★From the poetic, to the poignant, through to the sublime and the humorous, this book is a menagerie of reasons to feel good. A small contribution to see us smiling again.

★An unashamedly positive book from start to finish. Open any page, on any day, and there will be any one of hundreds of reasons to smile.
Ten percent of all profits will be going to the charity- The Soi Dog Foundation – An organisation dedicated to ending the Asian dog meat trade.

Follow this link to see the book on sale in your region.

It would be great help share the post or video, just to help the book reach a wider audience if possible. Thanks Nick.



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