Enter The Untold – Video of Flight into Mexico And a ‘Poem’ Written Enroute.

Enter the untoldDoodle of a love poem‘ written on the back of an envelope while leaving Granada and heading to Mexico. 

It’s about acknowledging the way that if you fall hard for someone, then you’re exposing yourself to have a weakness which life will one day exploit. It’s easier to remain detached but the risk of love is ultimately worth the cost, letting your guard down, and allowing a part of you exist in someone else and for them to find a home in you. It’s rare you have to make this decision, but if you find yourself at that crossroad like I have lately, then it’s a risk you have to take, love is a burden in many ways, but the most worthy of all to bare.

Audio Book of Sea Sores -A Brightonian Book.

Wishing you all the best at this time, what ever your troubles, it will all make sense after the storm has passed. Work has kept me away from putting out the next book but I’m going to work on it across the weekend in the hope to have it out within the week (he says).

Thank you to anyone that has brought the book or is considering taking a chance on it.
To check out the book


Music included in the video.

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