The Hours Of The Day – New Spoken Word Video By N J Wood

Spoken Word about how easily we value what we want as greater than what we have, when what we have is often greater than what we want. We skip today’s meal in search of tomorrows and then wonder why we starve.

Another work filmed in Granada. This city grows on me each day, it has a soul. It has eminded me of the best parts of my home town – Brighton – to which my recent poetry collection is dedicated.

When I walk through the narrow streets of the once moorish stronghold, I get the sense of following, that a presence walks ahead, just out of view, turning the corner before I do. As if the dry winds and the latice of carved lintels above may have noted their passing seconds earlier.

Granada is a place where ‘seconds earlier’ could in fact be a volume of lives, a stack of years into which I explore merely like reaching an arm into waters whose depths I must leave unmarked and untroubled.

Thank you to anyone that has brought the book or is considering taking a chance on it.

To check out the book



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