Spoken Word – Dragonflies


Page 50 of Sea sores – A Brightonian Book.


At the hightide mark, on neither earth nor sea

but in the width between the two, solitary figures sit.

There is a cruel beauty in their silhouettes,

an absence in which can be measured some

of what each lack.

Out of bedsit and love that lasts no longer

than the dragonfly lives.

To the sunken meadows and a bellowing sun,

as if the sea is a healer’s hand under

which a heavy heart can lift its lowered eyes.



  1. Hi Robin (again I’m currently bowing) I feel the sea has a presence all it’s own and is a powerful inspiration on a multitude of levels but perhaps all it’s influence comes from that inexplicable level of consciousness that resonates and recharges when sat still beside the motioning waves. Hope you’re having a good day out there and it’s almost the weekend (sort of 🙂 Cheers Nick.

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