A Hundred Parts Scattered – P14 of ‘Sea Sores – A Brightonian Book.’

✓#1 New release early July 2020 in the British and Irish contemporary literature category on Amazon.com (U.S)

Children are haunted by their nightmares, adults by their dreams and this book is set in the familiar halfway house between the two. 

Sea sores is a biographical collection of creative non-fiction I Subdivided into eight bite-size chapters on love, work, loss, family, spiritual meaning, the impact of technology, and the psychological friction of twenty-first-century living. 

Set in the time of equilibrium, when great ambition is matched by an ever so slightly greater apathy to obtain it, this is a description of growing up in Brighton, through a hundred poetic sketches.

As a realist writer I wanted to show masculinity for what it is: ugly, fragile, valuable, and misunderstood. Sea sores is an abstract portrait of a young man’s life, with a kaleidoscope of characters appearing and withdrawing through its chapters and for all the volume’s sharp edges, I tried to underpin it with an empowering truth; that hope and love are the driving agents of change. They are the two meandering banks between which the fortunes of our lives course. Whatever the challenges we face, having hope and giving hope cost very little, it’s living without such things which remains unaffordable, especially through these turbulent times.

I have been delighted by the positive reception this first collection has received and it even was the number one new release in the British and Irish contemporary literature category on Amazon (U.S.) for a while. In the end however, it comes down to the readers like yourself, who may decide to take a chance on my book that I’m most pleased with.



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