Blond Light – Short Film Spoken Word.

Blond light – Spoken Word

Filmed just after lockdown, on the river bank where I’d gone to take my break through quarantine in Agde.

Short poem about love coming and going like a break in the clouds.

Do you enjoy the moment or do you preemt the clouds eventual return? As a guy I think it’s common to keep the guard up, not letting the passing fortunes – of both persuasions – influence your course.

Yet in the quieter moments of reflection, it’s possible to look back and revaluate, admitting to yourself (if noone else) that the light turned away only after we have turned our back on it.



  1. Hi Lia, what a beautiful sentiment to share with me, I genuinely appreciate it. I put these together to satisfy my own need to express and capture something about the past and present, something that hopefully goes like a message in a bottle bobbing along into the future for someone else to open and understand a small echo of me or this moment. Thank you for stopping by here too. Have a great day, Nick.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog… this was utterly beautiful… you have such a nice voice, the images were lovely, the words were evocative, and so well spoken… I have seen a few video/audio poetry works from various poets now, yours was my favourite so far. Love the poppies, and the shimmering water 🌱✨🥀🌹

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