Time And Time Again – Spoken Word Film By NJW

Short piece on living a transitory life.

In this video I explore the idea that sometimes fortune smiles on you and keeps smiling on you even when you may be undeserving of it. Or at least that awareness of gratitude – and awe at the mystery we find ourselves conscious within – might somehow be justification for it’s strange presence in our lives.

It is the hope and the wonder that keeps the light of possibility burning. The world has so much to offer from the smallest blessing like a wild flower on the side of the road to the great adventures of reaching a new nation for the very first time. It’s infinite in its possibity, perhaps that is the greatest of blessings, knowing that our time here is finite.

The world has no want of time but we do, and on a profound level we are all plotting the passage of a ship unique in its course and port of destination. That to my mind is a remarkable truth, the journey itself, yours and mine.



  1. This is beautiful. Normally I experience poetry like hearing and in-joke which I am not in on, but this touched my heart. Thank you.

  2. Hey Alexandra, I’m honoured, thanks! Be sure to send me the link, I’ll give it a shout out on my insta writing page. There’s lots of people on it that are always eager to read interesting new articles. Nick

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