What Ever Flowers In A Desert Only Ever Flowers Briefly – Video Piece

A video piece created by seasores_njw –

The ‘New English’ – A Video Piece by Me 2019
The New éñgłįšh 
The lower deck empties and 
I furrow my pocket for keys, 
knowing the end of my journey nears. 
I turn my collar up against the 
night air and I join the crowd 
on the pavement passing the 
flower stall as I often do, 
where a Syrian woman has sold 
white lilies, all through the English December.
She works in twilight, woolen 
scarf and puffer-jacket, far from her 
ancestors’ altars and the windowsill 
on which she leaned as child sight 
skipped roof and minaret, out, onto 
the distant sun skinned hills.
She is of the new éñgłįšh, enduring 
a cold white win, zero-hour 
contracts, 24/7, four on four off, 
she’s paid in a short-term stay, with 
a possible permanent opening.
She is off the new éñgłįšh, and
stands despite the chill at the 
marquee, where cut flowers
close against an eastern wind, 
waiting patiently for her own 
key into the dormant orchard, 
where once the first fruit fell,
to take a bite of this small 
curve at the end of the world.
And in my part, 
she is already the best of us, 
a hope for tomorrow that 
this land may yield riches again.
for she knows better than I,
whatever flowers in a desert,
only ever flowers briefly.

By N J Wood 2019

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