The Gas Giants – Video spoken word Poem. By n j w

Myself reading a Poem entitled – The Gas Giants.

I am planning to share more of my works in the is manner, as well as the written verses to accompany them. My first video so the audio is a little rough If you like the work please consider sharing on social media; Such support I greatly appreciate. Thanks for viewing.

the gas giants - 
by n j w

the gas giants speak loud in the night
while quiet more solid bodies
go unheard in the heavens

those rocky worlds pace alone
their elsewhere eyes as far
as can be from telescope

the smallest objects are numbered
but unnamed, concealed in the
distant sense that every other orbit
is greater than their own

take Jupiter - it has the next gen
touch screen, straight up big ass moons
all it owns is rarely used
its greed and gravity pulls all in
for itself and is dead behind the eye

Neptunes got an aircon leather
pet meteor showers that match their sofas
ten square marble breakfast bar
they proclaim "they work so hard for"

Saturn - what a beauty
with thirteen confirmed kills
and a ring for everyone

the cold purifies, the icy spheres
live out in damp, narrow circles
that take decades to conclude but
at least they are solid, they have substance

be thankful if you are not like the gas giants
rejoice cause it will not occur to them
what is missing from their worlds


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