Great Writers Series – The Bukowski Interviews.

Charles Bukowski Best Interview Ever part 1/3 (on Belgian Television).

Bukowski in his own words.

He is a writer that divides people. Even I sigh when I read another writer emulating – or even – impersonating his style. However, I find depth in his best poems, rarely achived in other modern poet’s back catalogues.

Unfortunately, it is true to admit that he has become a cliche; in the same way that Sylvia Plath has become one for the aspiring young female poet, so Bukowski has taken on a similar role for male poets (though I know men and women enjoy both, I am going on my personal experience but it can be different to others).

We all have walls to hide behind, his was the tough drunk. If that was all he was then surely his readers would have got bored long ago. Of all the poets that inspire me, it is his mastery of imagery and his ability to unveil the beauty hidden in the mundane drudge of life, that extends the possibilities for modern poetry to be more than tomorrows chip paper.

The link is another gem for writers from youtube. Nearly all the writers I admire are dead. Perhaps their words take on a new quality once they become finite quantities. Youtube is full of rare and remarkable interviews with a vast spectrum of authors. I will try to post links to some of the ones I come across.


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