Light On Light – What’s The Deal?


For many, modern life is a perpetual halfway point, a cash strapped twilight between the great potential of their dreams and a slightly greater apathy to attain them. 

This project is to explore through articles and videography those who offer the world hope through their actions or hope through the lessons learned on their journey.

Light on light is a project to explore and celebrate the uncelebrated and learn through a wide range of personal interviews about unsung heroes, survival stories, life lessons and understanding challenges which — however unique to the individual — will speak to our collective experience of life.

I believe everyone has a lesson to share on their journey and that the simple act of taking time to ask about it and listen to another soul on a profound and purposeful level creates value in itself, the intrinsic worth of feeling appreciated, listened to and noticed. I aim to focus here on those who give light in one one or another — Shining a light on their light as it were.

Brighton and the sea, are recurring themes in my work, but I also post articles about the life I lived abroad, poetic journaling from previous publications and the world I worked in through the past. Check out the different feeds in the menu to explore fully.

This is a site of personal exploration and a passion project to connect and learn, to examine the human condition through the everyday. I want to record our shared experiences because I believe passionately even the most private and seemingly individual experience or issue faced will be universal, if only we communicate and take the time to bridge the division which the hamster wheel creates.

Personally speaking I find writing has a detoxicating effect, it helps me retain some part of myself which otherwise might be left neglected by the mundanity of getting life ‘done’.

As I attempt to explore the varied people and ideas featured here, the stories and lessons of people that I meet — wherever that might be — I hope you will find this project as rewarding as I do, through the process of understanding the world from alternative perspectives, which give us a new perspective on our own experiences and what we can do to effect change.

If you wish you can contact me on here:— Alternately reach out @___hemlock___ on Instagram — @.hemlock on tiktok — Hemlock on YouTube 


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  1. Reblogged this on LIGHT ON LIGHT and commented:

    Here’s a heads up on what the Light-On-Light project is setting out to do. Up next I’ll be releasing an interview done in Istanbul with a photographer who works closely with Syrian refugees. Then every week they’ll be another feature article based on an interesting individual whose work or life lessons I find enlightening.

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